5 Reasons You Need to Hit Pause

Have you noticed how technology’s claim is that it will improve the quality of life, but it seems more like technology is taking over our lives? It has created a sense of constant accessibility, which leads to higher expectations in terms of finishing tasks and doing business. It’s been my impression that it’s considered acceptable to move, speak and act on tasks quickly in the work environment versus a slower approach, which may be perceived as lazy or not achievement-oriented.

Slow down throughout the day to maximize your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. That’s easier said than done… so how?

1.    Do nothing for ten minutes after waking up.

Shortly after opening your eyes, do you immediately pull out your phone to check updates? Try taking ten minutes to just lay with your thoughts. Let yourself be your priority and not the emails, news, and updates of others.

2.   Notice the sights when you drive.

Have you ever watched a frantic driver bob in and out of traffic, passing and merging, only to find him right beside you at the red light? If road rage saves time, it’s generally not much, and it usually isn’t worth the stress it creates. Play some soothing music and enjoy the drive. Look out your windows at the physical world you call home and natural beauties around you.

3.   Block 30 minutes of unplanned time in your planner.

Don’t plan to take a walk or meditate (although those aren’t bad ideas), but instead plan to do whatever you end up doing. Maybe you’ll end up helping your neighbor wash his car, or playing jump rope with your niece. Nothing makes you feel present like spontaneity.

4.   Metaphorically toss your phone in the ocean for 30 minutes every day.

Just like the classic movie scene where the overworked protagonist tosses her phone into the ocean, or a fountain, or out the window and reclaims her sense of freedom. It’s not easy to disconnect from our always-connected world. But the benefits of being unreachable make it worth the initial discomfort.

5.   Just say no.

Saying yes, all the time to friends and co-workers can open you up to new possibilities. It can also add unnecessary stress and create added commitments that you may not be able to commit to. Try saying no more often. Creating balance starts with you, protecting your time.

Now it’s your turn, give it shot! Or if you’re already headed down this path, what other life hacks have helped you press pause?

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