Interviewing for Regulatory Opportunities in today’s Marketplace


These days having a well-organized prepared regulatory Interview is key in being able to land at some of the top Biotech & Pharma companies.  Of course, preparation is just half the battle.  If you’re not serious about embarking on an onsite interview, don’t interview.  Wasting everyone’s time can send a negative message and also ruin your chances of future interviews with the same company down the road.

I cannot believe how many times I’ve heard hiring managers tell me most of the candidates they interview don’t come across as prepared for their interviews.

So what can you do to prepare?

Provide examples for situational questions.

This could be “Walk me through a time when you filed an MAA.” How were you involved in the filing? What challenges did you come across during this process?

Situational questions do not always have to be positive.  Sometimes it is simply about cleaning up a mess in order to show you can get your hands dirty and do your job, even if it’s not the “sexy NDA or BLA filing.”

Make sure you also have a list of questions for each interviewer. Four or five questions should more than suffice and it is important you have them ready to ask.

“What is the most challenging thing facing me in this regulatory opportunity?”

Or, “how would you define success as it relates to regulatory affairs at your company?”

Prepare questions that will both foster a comprehensive dialogue and showcase your ability to think strategically. The more you convey this, the more you assume the position you’re interviewing for allowing them to envision how quickly they can visualize your potential.