Ed Canning

Regulatory Affairs Executive Recruiter

Ed comes to us from a 30 year career in the equipment industry where he built and lead nationally recognized teams. He brings to us an in depth knowledge of customer service and a genuine understanding and passion for working with people and representing them at the highest level.  He recently obtained his CSAM (certified senior account manager) certification which is evidence of his drive to excel in his new career path.


“Ed guided me through the application and interview process, checked in frequently, helped get the questions I had for the hiring company addressed in a tactful manner and kept the process for both me and the hiring company moving smoothly. I would work with Ed again on either side of the hiring process.” –Senior Director Regulatory Affairs CMC

“I found Ed to be a very calming transition partner during a very hectic time. I highly recommend working with Ed at Dennis Partners.” Associate Director, Advertising and Promotions

“Ed is a great recruiter to work with. He stays in touch and he pays attention to every detail and works hard to make sure the applicant gets the best possible offer.” Regulatory Affairs Director

“I recently worked with Ed on a position that I ultimately accepted. Throughout the process Ed was professional and informative, but beyond that I always felt that Ed had my best interests at heart and was acting as an advocate for me. Ed provided great insight into the process and also provided realistic expectations regarding the potential outcome. It was a real pleasure working with Ed and I would not hesitate to do so again in the future.” Global Regulatory Affairs Director

“Edward facilitated the interview process and placement during my latest job search. I appreciated his straight forward even-keeled style and counted on him to deliver actionable information regarding the opportunities, company culture, employers, prospective colleagues, and most importantly the status throughout the interview process.

Ed is quite knowledgeable about the field and intuits the level of interaction and coaching required based on the clients needs and experience. He is a great listener, a great communicator and is appreciative of your time. It was a pleasure working with him and believe he was a good advocate toward my latest successful placement” – Director Regulatory Affairs

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed during my career transition in April 2014. Ed was immediately dedicated to helping me and even provided support in ways I didn’t know I needed assistance in. His advice, coaching and guidance when I was preparing for the phone interviews and later the face-to-face interview was extremely valuable, intelligent and thorough. I could always count on Ed to follow up when/how he said he would! Ed continues to check on how things are going and is willing to go out of his way to help. In addition, Ed’s style was open, honest, genuine, enthusiastic and very professional – I could feel Ed’s enthusiasm and genuineness in his voice and actions. I have already recommended Ed to others who are open to job search and I will continue to do so with confidence.” – Head of Regulatory Affairs CMC

“Ed helped me find a new position in the spring/summer of 2014. He contacted me with several interesting opportunities and quickly honed in on positions that were a great fit for my personality and background. Ed was dedicated to helping prepare for interviews, and gave great advice and guidance. He was attentive throughout the job search and interview process and extremely helpful during salary negotiations. I would highly recommend Ed and definitely work with him again!” – Regulatory Affairs Manager

“As my first experience working with a recruiter, I was pleased by the level of service Ed provided through every step of the process. He was timely and responsive in our communications; resourceful in providing insightful information, which aided me in my preparation; and satisfactorily represented my interests in making a job move. It was a pleasure to work with Ed and I would recommend him to other regulatory affairs professionals.” – Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs Ad/Promo

“Ed was very professional and detail oriented while helping me land my latest job. He was always courteous and followed through with timely coordination between me and my new employer. I would recommend his services without reservation.” – Associate Director Regulatory Labeling

“Ed worked with me during my decision to transition to another organization; during which time he worked very closely with me to learn my vision for my next steps along my career path. Ed is very knowledgeable in Regulatory Affairs/Operations. He communicated often and shared his expertise during the entire hiring process. I have been successful in finding an opportunity that is a perfect fit, and Ed played a critical role in this progression.” – Director, Regulatory Operations

“I have recently worked with Ed Canning of Dennis Partners to identify, pursue and ultimately land the position of Sr. Directory of Regulatory Affairs at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. Ed was very professional, always prompt in his follow up and/or responses to my questions, and open with me about the pluses and minuses of all the potential opportunities we discussed. Based on the stellar offer I received it is clear that he listened carefully to my needs and considerations when it came to salary and benefits and very competently lobbied on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with Ed. I highly recommend Ed and Dennis Partners.” – Senior Director Regulatory Affairs

“Ed is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He is diligent, follows up and ensures that all areas of the process is covered. He is also available after hours and follows up on questions immediately. It was a remarkable experience working with him.” – Associate Director Regulatory CMC

“We had 3 openings for contractors in Regulatory Affairs. They had been open for some time after trying many avenues to fill them, and we still were not able to find the right candidates. After engaging with Ed at Dennis Partners, we were able to find 2 strong candidates, in our desired location. We interviewed them and hired them. The process was fast, easy and the candidate quality was exactly what we were searching for. When we are ready to fill the 3rd opening, we will go straight to Ed and get the need filled immediately. Super easy to work with too.” – Senior Manager Human Resources

“Edward is an excellent recruiter. He is responsive and makes sure that those he is working for know what is going on through the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with Edward, and I am happy to recommend him to anyone else looking for a position.” – Regulatory Affairs Principal Consultant

“Ed is an excellent recruiter, I highly recommend him to anyone working in the regulatory affairs space – whether looking for a job or looking for a new hire. He is very professional and works to find the perfect fit!”Vice President Regulatory Affairs

“During my job search in 2017, I worked closely with Ed Canning as an applicant for two different director-level positions in Regulatory Affairs, having been contacted specifically by Ed for both. Overall, this was my most thorough job search ever, including conversations with >40 recruiters, and work with >20 in application for specific positions. Of these, Ed was easily the best: the most thorough, the most thoughtful regarding positions that might be a fit, the most exacting regarding interview arrangements and preparation, and the most effective as a counselor as I weighted competing opportunities. Not only would I work with Ed again, and recommend all who might be searching for Regulatory Affairs opportunities to contact him, but I also would not hesitate for a moment having him handle recruitment for any position I needed to fill, or even to bounce ideas off of him regarding a search either for opportunities or candidates. It was an honor and a pleasure working with Ed Canning, and I cannot recommend anyone more highly.” – Director Regulatory Affairs

“I recently worked with Ed to obtain a global regulatory lead position. Ed is easily the best recruiter I’ve worked with. Ed worked with me to determine the best fit for my goals, stayed in touch with me through the process to make sure that I understood how things were going, and provided advice and context when the offer came. I highly recommend Ed to companies looking to hire or candidates looking for a new position.” – Global Regulatory Lead

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Ed for placement in my new regulatory position. I not only found Ed to be very professional, gaining a quick understanding of my background, career goals, and best fit for his open positions, but I was also extremely impressed with the time he takes to listen to his clients and understand what is important to them outside of the job itself, such as family and work/life balance. I would not hesitate to work with Ed in the future or recommend his services to any friends and colleagues looking to make a job transition.” –Manager Regulatory Affairs

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed recently on a Regulatory Operations position in Philadelphia. Ed was very knowledgeable in preparing me for interviewing. Having been at my previous company for 10 years, it was good to get a refresher in interviewing. Ed was proactive in keeping me informed of progress on my application and helpful in coordinating discussions with the company. I recommend Ed very highly.”Regulatory Operations Lead

“Ed worked with me during my decision to transition to another organization; during which time he worked very closely with me to learn my vision for my next steps along my career path. Ed is very knowledgeable in Regulatory Affairs/Operations. He communicated often and shared his expertise during the entire hiring process. I have been successful in finding an opportunity that is a perfect fit, and Ed played a critical role in this progression.” – Director Regulatory Operations

It was a true pleasure working with Ed.  He was always looking out for my best interest and assisting all along the way of the new hire process.  I would definitely recommend Ed as a recruiter if you are in Regulatory Affairs.” -Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Ed contacted me a couple of months ago and described his client and their needs in a way that was far more informed than the vast majority of recruiters I encounter. He was able to see a potential fit between my background and his client’s needs that was not at first obvious.  He worked with me to provide his client with the information they needed to see that fit, and then followed through with patience and persistence until the consulting agreement was signed and I was on board.  Normally, that’s the last you hear from a recruiter: not Ed. He has checked in weekly thereafter and ran interference for me on a number of issues, always maintaining his focus on meeting his client’s needs while maintaining and building his relationship with me.  Next time I build an RA group, I’ll be calling Ed.” -Senior Regulatory Consultant

Ed facilitated placing me in a new job on December 2017.  Ed is a very experienced regulatory recruiter.  He was professional, very organized, and pleasant to work with through my interview process.  The interview process lasted almost 3 months, but Ed never wavered in his commitment to seeing it to a successful completion.  I highly recommend working with Ed!” -Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

“I would highly recommend Ed Canning to colleagues and professionals looking for a highly personalized experience with a Talent-search Recruiter.  Working with Ed is similar to forming a partnership defined by respect, communications, and real expectations based on individualized goals and objectives.  His working style is about and beyond what is expected from a regular recruiter coupled with his tenacity in matching candidates with the right company and the right job.  Thanks Ed for your consistency, collaboration, and assistance throughout my journey.” – Director, Regulatory Affairs Global Lead

” Let’s face it, there are a lot of recruiters out there.  Some blindly fish for candidates and some tend over embellish their experience in the Industry. But there are very few recruiters who will invest their time to understand your aspirations and be with you every step of the interview process.  Ed Canning is that type of recruiter who is in it for all the right reasons.  What separates Ed from the rest of the heard is the fact that he coaches you.  He humbly shares his experience, and will continue to research the hiring company to ensure both you and Ed feel it’s a right fit.  So if you’re a candidate, who is anxious about making the next move in your career, look no further.  I am forever grateful for Ed’s helo and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.” -Regulatory Operations Submission Manager

“I first connected with Ed late 2017 in the middle of a challenging time.  He spoke with me at length to really get to know me and my needs.  Within weeks he was able to connect me with a phone screen at a company that met all of my criteria.  Ed was engaged and an active advocate for me through the process and within a short time I received a great offer from a great company. This was in no small part thanks to Ed’s expertise and connections. The best thing I can say about Ed is that he listens. Because he listens, he was able to get me in front of a hiring manager for a company that perfectly met my needs and theirs.  First one out of the box and I get a great offer.  I can not recommend Ed’s services enough.  When colleagues ask me about recruiter services, I do not hesitate to connect them with Ed.” -Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs

“Why can’t everyone be like Ed?” In industry, sometimes we say that headhunters are a dime a dozen (harsh, I know) because they solicit the same position through non-personal blanket emails and scripted phone calls, some of which may be in a different industry altogether. But when I was connected with Ed, he seemed different.  He knew what strategic Regulatory Affairs was and knew the difference between big pharma, small pharma, and government work that you would need to place the right candidate in the right position. Ed spent a lot of time with me where I learned about him and his career and where he received probably too much information on me and my background. We discussed at length my career, what drives me, where my interests are and where I see myself in the future. Ed coached me on interviews and made me feel very comfortable taking that leap to interviewing and getting myself out there.  It wasn’t until then that Ed presented me with the opportunity to meet with my current group and begin discussions about possible opportunities. With Ed’s knowledge of the Industry and in the position and being a strong voice for my skills and experience, I am happy to say that within 3 months I had accepted a new position! I have been working in my new role for only a short time and I am still getting calls from Ed every few days, checking up on how things are working out, if there is anything I need him to help me with and to make sure I am happy with my new position. Ed is someone you can trust who will give you his all, any time of day. I highly recommend Ed for any Regulatory Affairs professional looking for new opportunities. “ -Subject Matter Expert, Regulatory Affairs

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