Regulatory Hiring Solutions

In November 2020 we asked companies about their plans for hiring and their biggest challenges in hiring Regulatory Affairs professionals for 2021. Overwhelmingly, companies told us that the biggest challenge they were facing was a lack of qualified candidates. In order to better understand how companies are combating their talent pool challenges, we conducted a follow-up survey of industry executives, decision-makers, HR professionals, and Regulatory Affairs hiring managers throughout the week of January 21-January 28, 2021.

We asked how they plan to address this issue this year and they were able to select multiple responses as follows:

  • Consider remote employees to broaden the candidate pool nationally
  • Expand or reduce the seniority/level needed for your open roles
  • Hire a firm to conduct a Retained Search to find the ideal candidates
  • Use contractors to do the work instead of permanent, full-time employees

The results showed that when faced with a lack of qualified candidates, more than 54% of respondents would consider hiring remote employees to broaden their candidate pool nationally and nearly 61% would hire contractors to complete projects in lieu of hiring permanent, full-time employees. The least popular solution is for companies to expand or reduce the seniority or level requirement for their open role, with less than 30% of respondents selecting this option. Of the leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies surveyed, over 35% of respondents said they would hire a firm like Dennis Partners to conduct a Retained Search to locate the ideal candidate for them.

Dennis Partners has over 18 years of experience identifying, attracting, and evaluating candidates and can fill crucial regulatory roles with top talent quickly. We do both permanent Regulatory placements and Regulatory contract staffing.  

We differentiate ourselves from other recruitment firms by first focusing exclusively in Regulatory and then by maintaining genuine relationships all across our networks of Regulatory professionals, who regard us as advocates for their career advancement opportunities. Let us know if you need help with your critical Regulatory hiring needs. We Know Regulatory© and we can help your company to achieve your goals.