Employment Situation Report for July 2016

Beating economist predictions, the mid-summer jobs report revealed steady growth for the month of July. Amidst solid hiring, wages also rose. Solid job gains beat expectations According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfarm payroll employment advanced by 255,000 last month with hiring in healthcare, financial activities and professional and business services. Both the number[…]

Employment Situation Report June 2016

Employment Summary for June 2016 U.S. job gains in June far surpassed economists’ expectations, which were a bit conservative after a weak May report. Job market rebounds An impressive 287,000 jobs were added in June, far exceeding Bloomberg economists’ forecasts of 180,000 jobs added. Expectations were lower due to a surprisingly slow May, which saw[…]

Employment Situation Report May 2016

Employment Summary for May 2016 With the looming anticipation of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike, all eyes were on the numbers this morning but the newly released data for job growth fell far short of expectations. Halt in U.S. job growth Despite early predictions that the May labor market would hold steady to support[…]

5 Hiring Mistakes That May be Hurting Your Employer Brand

5 Hiring Mistakes That May be Hurting Your Employer Brand Throughout 2016, despite some contractions in the labor market, hiring has continued to increase. Within the last 12 months through April, an average of 232,000 new jobs has been added each month. Many companies are focused on expanding, but are finding it difficult to locate[…]

Multitasking, It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

You do it. I do it. Most of us (if not all of us) multitask during the day.  Even at home, I am constantly doing a combination of things all at once from my “to do” list, only to find myself overwhelmed and exhausted.    In this day and age, there’s been an emphasis with companies[…]

Employment Situation Report April 2016

Employment Summary for April 2016 Unemployment holds steady Job growth in April was a bit disappointing with the U.S. economy adding only 160,000 jobs, much lower than the approximately 202,000 roles predicted by economists. This marked the lowest number of job gains in seven months. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5 percent. The labor[…]

First Friday Preview May 2016

People Analytics: The Big Data of the Employment World What if high tech companies knew why top engineers quit and how to build work environments that would get people to stay? What if product companies could analyze the demographic and experiential factors that correlate with high-performing sales people? What if healthcare companies could determine why[…]

Interviewing for Regulatory Opportunities in today’s Marketplace

These days having a well-organized prepared regulatory Interview is key in being able to land at some of the top Biotech & Pharma companies.  Of course, preparation is just half the battle.  If you’re not serious about embarking on an onsite interview, don’t interview.  Wasting everyone’s time can send a negative message and also ruin[…]

First Friday Preview April 2016

Improving Employee Engagement: It Starts with Managers Staff engagement among the U.S. workforce has remained steady at 33 percent over the past few years, according to recent data from Gallup. This is quite low considering that strong employee engagement is the catalyst for company growth and success. Numbers worldwide are even starker, with 87 percent[…]

All work and no play make you a very dull Manager!

  Here are some tips you can use to make a change right now: Remember the character that played Lumberg in the movie “Office Space”? I think of him back when I was a few years out of college and had entry level positions. I was reporting to someone who made it their sole mission[…]