Generalized vs Specialized Recruiters

As the owner of a specialized recruiting firm, I’m so curious and surprised when I meet people who have never worked with a recruiter before. Candidates are astounded to find all the services we provide, at no fee to them! And companies state they have received only a handful of resumes, if even that!  So[…]

A Tip, A Trend & An Observation

A Tip – The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to review and update your resume. Doing this annually makes it easier to recall and highlight relevant career information. When going through this exercise, take the time to make note of your career goals and how your current role matches your plan.  If you’re[…]

Interview Dining Etiquette

As part of the interviewing process, be prepared to be invited to a breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Remember, this is still an interview, even though you are in a social setting you need to remain composed and professional.  Interviewing outside of the traditional office setting provides the hiring manager an opportunity to observe your communication[…]

Saying Thank You after Your Interview

After your interview did you take the time to send a thank you to the people you interviewed with?  Beyond showing your enthusiasm for the position, a thank-you note also allows you to reinforce why you are the best person for the position.  While at the same time thanking and expressing consideration of their time[…]

Is your productivity challenged at work?

Between constant meetings, phone calls, and emails, staying productive at work can be a challenge.  I recently participated in a webinar that was focused around staying productive in the work place.  One message that was highlighted during the discussion was “Eliminating Distractions.”  The truth is the majority of us get pushed off balance by the[…]

Mergers, Acquisitions & Your Career

When was the last time there were no rumors about a merger or acquisition in bio/pharma?  It seems there is a new list of potential deals almost every week. While that may seem exciting for the industry, stockholders, and potential patients, it can be very nerve wracking for the employees.  Imagine walking into work, a[…]

How did you handle your last resignation?

As you look ahead to your new role that you worked so hard to secure and begin to plan the next part of your professional career, it is understandable this could overshadow the importance of taking the time to resign properly.  I always advise candidates that the number one rule is to leave on a[…]

Hurry Up and Wait

  One of the most frustrating experiences for many people is waiting, and it’s even worse when one feels rushed or pushed to move faster than we’d like. We experience this daily in traffic, waiting to check out in line, holding on the phone for a scheduled call, interviewing for a new position, or waiting[…]

Common Misconceptions of Phone Interviews

During interview preparation I often hear candidates say that they perceive a phone interview as being easier than an onsite interview because they do not need to invest the same amount of time preparing.  Although it is true that an onsite interview will have you most likely meeting more than one interviewer, additional preparation is[…]

Video Interviewing

Video Interviews Was video interviewing part of your last career move?  If not, you should be prepared to participate in video interviews as you start to plan your next strategic career move.  With today’s top talent being in such demand, hiring managers are looking for ways to engage candidates sooner in the process and many[…]