The COVID Workplace Conundrum

Last week I read a recent Reuters article on how US companies fear workplace coronavirus precautions do not address airborne risk. This is a challenge for every business and every employee right now. As I reflected more, I also saw the following story about the impact of COVID 19 on Cape Cod Healthcare: CEO outlines losses to Cape Cod HealthcareAs their CEO stated, “We now know that we no longer can look and see two and three and four years ahead because we have learned that, in an instant, unforeseen challenges can arise.“

Major changes to addressing this have been highlighted within the past week:

To date, some 14 major companies have announced that employees can work remotely over the long term including Twitter, Square and Facebook: 14 major companies that have announced employees can work remotely long term

At a time of some much uncertainty, giving employees or future employees a quantifiable date enables some stability.  The companies that formulate a plan that provides this will find it easier to retain and attract staff.  If this is in place or your company is working towards this, congratulations!  If not, this is some food for thought.

Things are changing rapidly and as experts in regulatory affairs we want to provide insights.  If you have questions, or would like to share your plans with Dennis Partners, we are available to listen and consult.

Be well,

Jilma Sweeney