A Tip, A Trend & An Observation

A Tip – The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to review and update your resume. Doing this annually makes it easier to recall and highlight relevant career information. When going through this exercise, take the time to make note of your career goals and how your current role matches your plan.  If you’re finding the position is no longer helping you achieve your career goals, you should start to network with respected mentors, peers and colleagues.  What insights can they provide regarding regulatory trends, market insights, companies to avoid, etc?  Will they be a reference for you?  If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, ask them their experience and, if positive, who they could recommend.  Life can move very quickly in bio/pharma and one of your biggest priorities is being able to be proactive versus reactive regarding to your career.

A Trend – At least for the next few months, there will be much uncertainly with regards to the FDA and the EMA.  How will President-Elect Trump affect the FDA?  There was much postulation on his next appointment for the FDA but that has gone quiet, for the time being.  Rumors will continue to swirl about where the EMA will end next.  Until we have clear insight and direction, it will be a bit stressful and unnerving.  In the end, however, it is all about getting the best patient outcomes.

An Observation – When we engage candidates, we ask them a series of questions to clarify the real motivators.  Is it the money, career advancement, culture, stability, etc?  There is no right or wrong answer, so long as the person is honest with him/herself. That is often the hardest part – how often do we look in the mirror and ask ourselves “am I happy”? If you aren’t, you are the only one who can take that first step in changing your path.  And if you are, congratulations!  Share that reason with your manager or HR, let them know what’s so great about your company and your role.  Be proactive in sharing the positive and know you’re helping make 2017 a better year!