We’re All Human.

I’m late with my blog this month with no good reason or excuse. I am, like most people nowadays, often overwhelmed with my daily work and the stresses of life. Although I would describe most of it as good stress, my body views it simply as stress. In looking at a list of top 10 most stressful life events, dismissal from work made the list. Slightly out of the top 10 is starting a new job. However, I think most people would agree, looking for a new job, especially while employed, can be extremely stressful.

As I look at my days, I try to prioritize and constantly battle the unexpected interruptions. Job searching should be approached no differently. Once your resume is completed and references updated, how do you start to prioritize and prepare? Do you speak and network with colleagues and mentors? Do you research companies on your own, submitting your resume in hopes they will respond? Have you envisioned your next career move? What does it look like?

If you find you’re having trouble answering these questions or feel as though you are spinning your wheels, have you ever thought of working with a recruiter? If you’ve worked with one and it was unpleasant, please don’t think all recruiters are cut from the same cloth. Just like any industry, there are many types of recruiters, levels of specialty, and quality of service. You need to find one that will work with your style! Ask co-workers or colleagues for referrals, do some research and make some inquires. Recruiters can help ease the process of job searching.

I recently read it that it takes 86 resumes to hire 1 person! Think of your resume in a pile with 86 other people… your chances aren’t great to be screened! However, a recruiter only submits a very small pool (3-5) qualified candidates to a client. These people are seen, reviewed, and move through the process at a much different pace and outcome.

Utilization of a recruiter gives you the resources of a coach, advocate, and specialist in the interviewing process. It will not remove all of the stress from this process, but it will ease it. And these days, any reduction of stress is a good thing!