4 Things to do After Your Interview

You’ve just finished an interview for a job you really want. Now what? Here are 4 action items to make sure you take care once the interview is done.

Follow up with your recruiter:

I always make sure to get a commitment from my candidates to follow up with me right after their interviews. This is done first to get accurate information of how everything went and understand the concerns they might have while it is fresh on their mind. If I have to chase someone down for feedback they are reveling their commitment level. This lack or delay of communication also makes me question what other potential disconnects we may have down the road which can become problems.

Send a thank you email:

In a previous blog Saying Thank You after Your Interview I discussed the importance of this action as well as provided an example of a Thank You Email. Suffice to say, this is an excellent time to thank and express consideration for their time spent on your behalf. This is also another chance to reinforce your qualifications.

Engage your references: 

Don’t wait for the last minute to line up your references. Make sure that you let them know who will be calling.  Ask for a follow up call after they speak to the hiring manager.  In a previous blog I discuss The Value of References .

Review your notes: 

  • This is a great time for self-evaluation, how do you feel about this role?
  • Did you put enough time in to prepare, were you able to engage the hiring manager?
  • What did or did not go well during the interview?
  • Write down specific notes on the people you spoke to and their questions. In the event of a second round you will be better

Success lies in the preparation