Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – December 2019

This is our Regulatory Landscape newsletter for December 2019 with our monthly insights on the evolving market for regulatory professionals. November saw a continued demand for clinical regulatory strategy people at the Director and Sr. Director levels, along with several new openings at the Executive Director and VP levels. We have noticed an increased demand[…]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – November 2019

This is our Regulatory Landscape newsletter for November 2019 with our insights on the evolving market for regulatory professionals. For the month of October, hiring in regulatory remained very strong. The ongoing trend continued with a high demand for senior clinical regulatory strategy and regulatory CMC professionals at the Director and Senior Director levels.  Most[…]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – August 2019

We saw regulatory hiring slow down slightly in July, which is fairly normal for the summer. There is still a high demand for Regulatory CMC, Regulatory Strategy, and Regulatory Advertising & Promotions professionals at all levels across the country. Hiring remains strong in the SF Bay Area and the Boston/Cambridge market. In July Dennis Partners[…]

SRA Update July/August 2019

The Dichotomy of Inertia When it rains, it pours; most are familiar with this phrase.  It’s what we use to describe the inertia of negative circumstances building and snowballing. Can you think of the equivalent phrase used to describe the opposite? The experience of positive inertia? “Just look at the bright side”… “turn lemons into[…]

Working with a Recruiter VS Applying Directly

In my daily conversations with candidates, a recurring topic is whether they should utilize the services of a professional recruiter or apply directly online to the company’s website.  What are the advantages of engaging a recruiter if they can just apply directly? After listening to their concerns and getting a better understanding of their circumstances,[…]