Seven Tips for Hiring The Best Regulatory Candidates

In today’s market, it’s incredibly challenging to find the desired Regulatory talent for growing bio/pharma organizations.  Companies need to provide a great candidate experience, demonstrate interest, and move quickly.  Otherwise, you may lose out on a great candidate, and your Regulatory position will remain open longer than desired.

Here are some tips to help you hire the best candidates for your open Regulatory roles:

1. Move quickly 

The hiring process is moving faster than ever before and we have seen positions get filled in a matter of weeks.  We recommend that Hiring Managers provide feedback on resumes within two days of receiving them and schedule interviews right away.  Providing prompt feedback after interviews is also essential.

2. Provide a good candidate experience

The candidate should feel engaged with and valued by the hiring company. Don’t leave candidates waiting for interviews to start, or constantly reschedule interviews. Make them feel special and that their time is appreciated. Send thank you emails to the candidates to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in their candidacy.

3. Reduce the number of interviews 

The days of having 3-4 rounds of interviews are over.  Companies are now making hiring decisions after two rounds with a limited interview team.

4. Be flexible 

Be flexible with regard to title, level and options for remote work.  The majority of Regulatory people want to be remote or partially remote.  If you find a rock star who doesn’t want to commute, consider making exceptions to bring them on board.

5. Understand the realities of title and compensation

We are in a period of extremely high demand for Regulatory professionals, which is resulting in both title and salary inflation.  Good Regulatory people are advancing faster than ever salaries continue to climb.

6. Present the best offer

These days, candidates don’t want to negotiate, especially when they have another offer with a better salary on the table. Show your interest by presenting a strong offer right out of the gate.

7. Consider temp-to-perm hires 

If your role has been open for a long time, consider hiring a Regulatory contractor to fill in the gaps. If they are a good fit for your organization, consider hiring them as a FTE.