Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – April 2021

This is our April 2021 Regulatory Landscape newsletter with monthly insights on the market for regulatory professionals.    The Regulatory job market continues to heat up!  In the first quarter of 2021, Regulatory openings at small to mid-sized biopharma companies saw a 95% increase over the 4th quarter of 2020! This includes a 400% increase in[…]

Returning to the Workplace in 2021

Last October, we surveyed over 400 biotech and pharmaceutical professionals to learn if and when they were planning to return to their workplace in-person, as well as if and when they’d feel comfortable doing so. At that time, approximately 30% of respondents did not know when they’d return and 61% said they would not feel[…]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – March 2021

This is our March 2021 Regulatory Landscape newsletter with monthly insights on the market for regulatory professionals.    We saw another big increase in February for new Regulatory job postings at small and mid-sized biopharma companies. There were over 135 new postings during the month, which was the highest number we have seen since last July! […]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – February 2021

This is our February 2021 Regulatory Landscape newsletter with monthly insights on the market for regulatory professionals.    We saw a big increase in new Regulatory job postings in January.  Most of these were in Clinical Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory CMC, but we also saw a few new Regulatory Advertising, Promotions & Labeling positions.  The majority[…]

Regulatory Hiring Solutions

In November 2020 we asked companies about their plans for hiring and their biggest challenges in hiring Regulatory Affairs professionals for 2021. Overwhelmingly, companies told us that the biggest challenge they were facing was a lack of qualified candidates. In order to better understand how companies are combating their talent pool challenges, we conducted a[…]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – January 2021

Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.  This is our January 2021 Regulatory Landscape newsletter with monthly insights on the evolving market for regulatory professionals.   Despite the global pandemic and economic uncertainty during 2020, it ended up being a pretty strong year for Regulatory hiring across the US.  Companies are still[…]

Regulatory Hiring Demand & Challenges

Hiring in Regulatory Affairs has remained strong in biotech, pharma, and diagnostics this year despite the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty.  In order to understand companies’ Regulatory hiring plans for 2021 and their Regulatory hiring challenges, Dennis Partners conducted an online survey of industry executives, decision-makers, HR professionals, and Regulatory hiring managers during the week[…]

Regulatory Landscape Newsletter – October 2020

This is our October 2020 Regulatory Landscape newsletter with monthly insights on the ever-evolving market for regulatory professionals.  This month Dennis Partners conducted a survey of 400 biotech and pharma industry professionals to understand their plans to return to the workplace and how they are feeling about going back to the office. This data showed[…]

Returning to the Workplace

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way people work within the biotech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries.  During the last six months, most non-laboratory employees have been working from home and have adjusted to “the new normal.” As many companies are now starting to explore options for returning to the office, we decided to conduct a[…]

Strategic Career Moves in the Current Climate

With all the anxiety and uncertainty this year, most of us have had to pause, hunker down, and re-evaluate everything, including our goals and expectations. Many of us have found our carefully-laid career paths unexpectedly blocked, while others have struggled with unpredictably despite all of our best efforts to this point. When things don’t go[…]