Contract Staffing

In addition to our permanent placement services, Dennis Partners also offers turnkey Contract Staffing solutions to help companies with their temporary or project-based needs. Contract workers provide flexibility and expertise to solve your challenges with surprising speed.

The need for contract staffing can arise due to any of the following circumstances:

  • Special Projects
  • Maternity leave
  • Unexpected resignation
  • Hiring freeze
  • Budget planning
  • End of quarter
  • End of year
  • After a layoff
  • Agency filings
  • Hard to fill vacancies

Many times these needs are absorbed by existing staff, leading to potential burnout, turnover, and ineffective results. Contract Staffing allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve your immediate workload or project challenges, so you can focus on your key strategic initiatives.

Dennis Partners can provide you with short-and-long term talent solutions to assist with regulatory strategy work, submissions/filings, and post-approval activities, etc. Collaborating with a staffing organization that understands the bio/pharma industry and has relationships with top-tier regulatory talent will provide your company with the flexibility and competitive edge it needs. Here are some examples of the roles where we have recently placed contractors.

  • Regulatory Operations Consultant
  • Regulatory CMC Contractor
  • Regulatory Research & Intelligence Consultant
  • Senior Labeling Contractor
  • Regulatory Affairs Senior Director Consultant

The Benefits:

Speed: Don’t let unexpected resignations, hiring freezes, and long, complex hiring processes bring your organization to a crawl with over-worked staff and impossible to reach objectives.  Turn to contract or contract-to-hire solutions to quickly acquire the skills and experience you need.

Talent: Whatever your immediate need is, we have the ability and capacity to help. Our contractors have extensive industry experience.

Results: Don’t let skill gaps, inexperience, or unexpected circumstances negatively impact your results.  Bring on experienced contractors who will help keep your critical operations running and your results on track.

Flexibility: Contractors are available for assignment lengths ranging from a few months to multiple years.  Just tell us the assignment start date and the skill sets/experience you’re looking for your perfect candidate to possess. We will handle the rest.

Trust: All we do is Regulatory. Our recruiters have extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs. It is their job to find and present you with the best candidates the market has to offer.

Service: Dennis Partners provides comprehensive contract services including reference checks, background checks, electronic timesheets, and payroll processing.

To learn more about Dennis Partners’ Contract Staffing solutions, please email us at or give us a call at (508) 394-9700