Our Process

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Are you contingent or retained?” Simply put, every hiring situation is different, but because we are niched we have the flexibility to provide the best solution and outcome. After all, all we do, every single day, is regulatory. It’s what we know!

Depending on who we ask within an organization, we may get very different viewpoints and answers. This is why we tailor our solutions to meet your requirements, needs, and expectations.
To help begin the process, we need to understand the following:

  • Urgency: When does the role need to be filled by? How is this work getting done currently? What are the implications if the role is not filled on time?
  • Employer Brand: How important is brand perception? Who is your target market and does the message need to be consistent?
  • Confidentiality: Is this confidential for any number of reasons?
  • Commitment: How involved is the Hiring Manager? HR? Are you willing to pre-set interview dates?

Although people often cringe at the word “retained” as it stigmatizes more money, it really is about the commitment level from both parties. When two parties collaborate together, it requires an investment – of time, energy, money, and resources.


Our Methodology

Evaluate: This is our opportunity to create the foundation of a partnership. We need to understand your company’s culture, assess your goals, identify your needs, and recognize your motivations. Since the definition of a successful hire exceeds meeting the qualifications on paper, this part of the process is vital.

Identify: We go beyond tapping into our extensive network of regulatory relationships. We dive into market research and competitive analysis, recognizing your competitors which allows us to ensure we are providing your company with the top-tier regulatory talent.

Analyze: Analysis of backgrounds, motivations, and regulatory skill sets allows us to differentiate between top performers and average talent. Taking that further, our primary goal is to match the intangibles discovered during the evaluation process.

Outcome:Our extensive analysis allows us to provide your company with the top regulatory talent. It is our priority to maintain these relationships throughout the interview process as well as post hire.Our team is proficient in providing assistance with relocation, the resignation process, and onboarding into a new company. We keep a finger on the pulse between both client and candidate to make sure we manage all expectations.