Consulting/Temporary Assignments

Contract staffing is on the rise and Dennis Partners will help you to successfully manage your career while securing the most desirable regulatory contract work assignments available.

We work with a variety of small to mid-sized bio-pharma firms across the country. We place regulatory consultants in engagements ranging from regulatory generalists to regulatory advertising & promotions, labeling, regulatory CMC and regulatory operations. These can be short or long term engagements and some of them allow you to work from home. We can work with you as an incorporated LLC or we can set you up as a W-2 employee, handling all the payroll taxes, etc. for you.  We can even provide a full suite of benefits (health, vision, life, dental, etc.) if you work at least 30 hours a week!

Benefits of Contract Employment                  

Higher Earning Potential: Companies typically pay a premium for the right contractor with the right skills at the right time.

Build your Skills Portfolio: Every assignment offers the opportunity to build your resume by learning new skills, as well as sharpening existing talents.

Permanent Employment Opportunities: Sometimes contract assignments can turn into permanent positions. As a contractor on a contract-to-hire assignment, you’ll have the advantage of evaluating the company from the inside to see if the company is right for you.

Better Work-Life Balance: Contractors have more flexibility when prioritizing and balancing their personal lives vs. work schedules.

Travel Opportunities: You decide where you want to go. Each new assignment brings a chance to work at a new location of your choosing, from across town to across the country.

Access to Benefits: Contractors have access to benefits including health insurance and life insurance, retirement, flexible spending accounts, and more.

Build your Professional Network: Temporary engagements will give you exposure to different types of companies and allow you to work closely with a variety of industry professionals.

You can view our recent job postings for both permanent and contract positions here.