Frequently Asked Questions

For Job Seekers:

How many years should I stay put at my company before making a move to another employer?

  • Changing jobs too often will be a red flag for potential employers, and staying with the same company for too long will often result in a slower increase in compensation and ultimately a decrease in enthusiasm for your job.  Strategic career moves every three to four years will help you strengthen your experience, build your resume, and maximize your earnings.  You can read more advice about strategic career moves here.

What can I expect from you? i.e. feedback, timeline, etc. As your recruiter we agree to:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality during the entire search and interview process
  • Request permission from you prior to presenting your resume/CV out to any client companies
  • Help to prepare you for interviews
  • Share any/and all client feedback  at a mutually agreed upon time after your interview
  • Negotiate the best compensation package based on competitive market data related to any job offers

When will my references be called?

  • References are typically called as soon as the interview process begins. However, with a “Retained Search” we are usually required to check references before we can submit the candidate for consideration to the hiring company.  You can see more advice about references here.

Can you help me with my resume?

  • Yes! We would be glad to review your resume and make some helpful suggestions.  You can also review some resume tips and a strong sample resume here.

Can I be assured about confidentiality?

  • Due to the nature of our business we work with the strictest code of ethics and confidentiality. We will always maintain discretion for any candidates.

What geographic areas do you work?

  • We have clients across the continental United States and we have also helped to place candidates in Canada, Europe and Japan.

For Hiring Authorities:

Walk me through your process.

  • Every hiring situation is different, but we typically follow a detailed methodology to recruit the best possible candidates for your team.  This starts with identifying your needs, understanding your company’s culture, and ascertaining the characteristics of the ideal candidate. We then identify possible candidates based upon these pre-defined parameters and reach out to them to better understand their backgrounds, skills and motivations. Our goal is to find the top regulatory talent with the right mix of experience, skills, education, and personality to be the right fit for your organization.

Do you have references from other clients?

  • Yes, we have several testimonials from our clients on the homepage of our site. You can view these by clicking here.

How do you source candidates?

  • We have a dedicated Internet Research team which is constantly searching for top regulatory talent.  In addition our recruiting team interacts within the marketplace on a daily basis, giving us the ability to locate, screen, and recommend exceptional individuals to your firm.

Do you work on positions outside of regulatory affairs?

  • We specialize exclusively in regulatory affairs for both permanent and contract placements. This includes general/strategy regulatory affairs, international/global, regulatory CMC, regulatory advertising & promotion, regulatory operations and labeling. However, we do have strategic partners within the Sanford Rose Associates® Network who can assist you regarding positions in other functions like Development, Quality, Clinical Operations, and Risk Management.

Do you work with medical device companies?

  • Although our specialty is in pharmaceuticals and biotech, we also conduct searches for medical device companies on a case-by-case basis