5 Things to Consider When Relocating

It can be an exciting and anxious time when considering relocating for your next Strategic Career Move.  When having these conversations with candidates I always counsel them to consider the five tips below to make sure they are making an informed decision.

1 – Location: Cost of living can differ significantly by geographic location.  We have resources that will help you identify not only the differences in the cost of living but also provide information on schools and moving costs.  This can be found on our website under Dennis Partners Relocation Tips.

2 – Job Market: Are you relocating to an area that will provide you growth and security in your field and industry?  Often candidates do not take into consideration the worst-case scenario of what happens if things don’t work out with the position or the company fails. What will I do? Will the size of the industry in your new location make it relatively easy for you to find another job and provide career growth potential?

3- Type of Relocation: Is the hiring company providing a direct bill or lump sum relocation? What tax responsibilities could you be liable for?  This must be reviewed carefully and I always recommend the candidate consult with their tax professional to make sure there are no surprises.

4 – Temporary Housing: Is this available in your relocation package?  This is a great benefit that helps ease the stress of the initial move while allowing you and your family to get familiar with an area before purchasing a new home.

5 – Family: If you are relocating with a family is everyone onboard with this?  I fully encourage everyone involved to take part in the area visits that are provided.  What potential issues could arise regarding school’s systems, commutes or your spouse’s career?

Take the time to walk through these 5 items. Fully engage any concerns and questions you may have. This will help you make the move to your new position as stress free as possible.

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