The Value of Interview Preparation

In the process of planning your next Strategic Career Move, the value of Interview Preparation can never be taken lightly. Too often I find myself explaining to candidates the importance of being fully prepared for an interview. This preparation is paramount to your success, no matter what the position or level may be.  On the day you interview, you need to be able to talk comfortably about your career and demonstrate your areas of expertise with relevant examples of your success.  Your prospective employer will not expect you to recite their company profile from memory, but they will expect you to be well briefed on the company’s products, development programs, and recent news to show that you’ve prepared for the meeting.

Your goal is to have the hiring manager envision your potential impact on the company in the role you’re interviewing for. Prepare questions that will both foster a comprehensive dialogue and showcase your ability to think strategically. The more you convey this, the better! And lastly, if you are not serious and willing to invest the time to prepare, DO NOT waste everyone’s time; this negative message can hurt your chances with the same company or hiring manager in the future.

Interview preparation is a vital step in being able to secure the next strategic move in your regulatory career.

Below are bullets that I share with candidates:

  • Take the time to cultivate your Professional References before you start interviewing.
  • Conduct research about the company, their marketed products (if any), their development pipeline, and any recent company news.
  • Research the hiring manager and any additional interviewers you will be speaking with. We recommend reviewing LinkedIn profiles to understand better their backgrounds and whether your paths may have crossed in the past.
  • Be prepared to express why you are interested in the position and what you could contribute to the company.
  • Remember to keep everything positive especially when asked why you are planning on leaving your current company.
  • Have questions prepared for the hiring manager regarding the company, the regulatory department, and the position.
    • What is your management style?
    • What are the three most important things that you would like for me to achieve in the first 90 days in this role?
    • How would you define the success of someone in this role?
    • What were your motivations for joining the company and what do you like about the organization?
    • What is your vision for your regulatory department?
    • Ask about next steps.


Success lies in the preparation!  For additional job-seeking resources head over to Dennis Partners.