Time Wasters

It is 3pm and you’re asking yourself, “Where did the day go?” You’ve only gotten halfway through your task list, and you’re wondering how this is possible when you carefully prepared your daily goals. Everything had been planned and prioritized, yet something has robbed valuable hours of your day. A Salary.com survey showed that 60% of respondents wasted between thirty minutes to an hour a day on unproductive activities. With 24% of survey respondents said the internet and social media along with Google, and Facebook/LinkedIn were among the biggest online time-wasters.

A survey done for CareerBuilder that consisted of 3,031 full-time workers across a variety of industries and company sizes, showed the personal use of technology as the front-runner for distractions in the workplace.

Per the survey, time wasters are doing the following:

  • Talking on the cell phone and texting – 55%
  • Gossiping – 39%
  • On the Internet – 41%
  • On Social media – 37%
  • Taking snack breaks or smoke breaks – 27%
  • Distracted by noisy co-workers – 20%
  • In meetings – 26%
  • On email – 26%
  • Distracted by co-worker interruptions – 27%
  • Distracted by co-worker calls on speaker phone – 10%

With that being said, it is so important to be protective of your time. Stay committed to your daily plan. Learn to say no to distractions. Devote your entire focus to the task at hand. By identifying and being mindful of time wasters, your productivity will put you on a path to meeting your goals.

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