The Pros and Cons of Various Executive Search Methods

There are typically four different methods of Executive Search, and each has their own pros and cons. Search firms vary in their processes, but also in their knowledge of a specific market.  Some companies resist Retained Searches because of a negative prior experience where the role was not filled.  However, working with a specialized firm that knows the marketplace and the players will provide faster results and the desired outcome – filling a crucial role.

Dennis Partners typically recommends Retained Searches for senior Regulatory titles (VP, SVP or CRO) or urgent roles.  A Contingent Search can often suffice for a more junior role (Senior Manager or Associate Director) with a low sense of urgency.  An Engaged Search (also sometimes known as a “Co-tained” Search) is hybrid search model which provides the superior performance of a Retained Search but with an upfront cost efficiency and payment structure that is competitive with Contingent Searches.  We often recommend Engaged Searches for mid-level roles (Director or Sr. Director) which are difficult to fill.

Below are the pros and cons for each type of search:

Dennis Partners offers Retained, Engaged, and Exclusive Contingent searches for our clients.  Since our inception, Dennis Partners has placed over 275 Regulatory professionals, including 31 VPs/Heads of Regulatory. We also place Regulatory contractors and consultants if you need temporary Regulatory support.  You can view some Case Studies on our recent placements here:

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