December’s Tip, Trend & Observation

tip-trend-observationA Tip – One simple way to shine during the interviewing process is to set up news alerts or feeds on the company you are interviewing with. Why is this such a great idea?  For a few minutes of groundwork, you can have instantaneous news.  You can email the hiring manager stating you saw the news, how it has either excited you or has raised questions for you.  Regardless, you will be viewed as someone who truly wants to make their next career move and is willing to go above and beyond to show that enthusiasm.  An easy way to set yourself apart from the other interviewees.

A Trend – We began recruiting in regulatory affairs in 2004. At that time, there were usually only generalist and some CMC roles.  Things have evolved dramatically in over a decade!  Viagra and Yaz, as well as social media, led to the need for Advertising/Promotion/Labeling. Globalization has seen changes in titles from ROW and Worldwide to Global and International, and the introduction of LATAM, JPAC, etc.  With further changes in the global market, such as Brexit, a new US president, and emerging markets, we can only surmise that the next ten years will be just as exciting and transformative.

An Observation – The holidays are quickly approaching and with them comes a higher level of stress.  And if you are interviewing during this season, you are likely to be even more overwhelmed.  The easiest way to deal with this stress is to practice gratitude.  The holidays lend themselves more generosity of spirit, so why not try to integrate gratitude into your life throughout the year.  People who practice gratitude are inclined to have better physical and mental health, higher self-esteem, better sleep patterns, less anger or rage, and enhanced empathy.  What a perfect gift to ourselves and others.