Generalized vs Specialized Recruiters

As the owner of a specialized recruiting firm, I’m so curious and surprised when I meet people who have never worked with a recruiter before. Candidates are astounded to find all the services we provide, at no fee to them! And companies state they have received only a handful of resumes, if even that!  So why don’t more people use recruiters?  And even more perplexing, why use a generalized recruiter when a specialized one is necessary?

But I want to take a step back…when thinking of engaging a recruiter, what is the outcome you want?  As a candidate, do you want to submit your resume directly to a company, and wait to see if they even bother responding? Do you want to interview for a company without the benefit of additional coaching and preparation? Do you want to know where you stand on all your interviews? And as a client company, do you want lots of unqualified applicants? Or perhaps only 1 or 2 people after a few weeks? Do you want to have someone else working on your behalf, providing branding while recruiting for your firm? Do you want to interview a few very solid, qualified candidates within a specific time period or leave the hiring manager drowning in their own work?

If we polled people on the street, I think most would want the assistance from a recruiter.  But think of it this way, when you have a general health question, you see your primary doctor.  But if you need surgery for a broken bone, you will see an orthopedic surgeon, not your primary doctor. We have specialists in every aspect of our life – think of your network of providers for you, your family, your pets, your house, your car, etc.  Why should recruiting be any different?

First, ask yourself, is this just a transaction or do I want to form a long-term relationship?  If this is just going to be a transaction for you, it might be the same on the other end.  Is this how you want to be treated? Second, ask what you want to gain from working with a recruiter. Do some research and speak to different types of agencies. You are investing in either yourself or in the newest addition to your headcount.  Be sure you don’t shortchange yourself or others along the way.  You’ve worked way too hard!

So why don’t people use recruiters?  Trust is one factor that immediately jumps to mind. Unfortunately, the reality is that not all recruiting firms are the same and some treat companies and candidates simply as a quick transaction, rather than fostering a relationship or listening to your needs. Would you prefer to work with a new firm each time you are ready to advance your career? For client companies, would you want the same recruiter that is sourcing candidates for an accounting firm to help you find a regulatory affairs director?

Cost might be the factor that comes to mind with companies. How much is it costing to delay advancing your quarterly goals? How much time is your hiring manager spending on reviewing unqualified resumes and cover letters? How many series of interviews have interrupted your busy schedule only to discover the candidate isn’t ready for your opportunity? How long has your job posting sat on your careers page without any applicants?

I believe in creating and fostering healthy relationships. I want you to know that when you’re ready to advance, or you need to add more headcount, you can trust that we’ll provide quality opportunities and candidates that will be exciting, relevant, and complementary to your needs. I want you to see a recruiter as a member of your team.