Multitasking, It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

You do it. I do it. Most of us (if not all of us) multitask during the day.  Even at home, I am constantly doing a combination of things all at once from my “to do” list, only to find myself overwhelmed and exhausted.    In this day and age, there’s been an emphasis with companies[…]

Employee Retention

Employee retention is addressed every day in conversations, articles, postings, etc. Why is this topic of such importance? Companies spend thousands of dollars and countless hours recruiting candidates, on-boarding employees and training them with the ultimate goal of retaining them.  And yet, article after article states that people, especially millennials, will only stay in a job for[…]

Interviewing for Regulatory Opportunities in today’s Marketplace

These days having a well-organized prepared regulatory Interview is key in being able to land at some of the top Biotech & Pharma companies.  Of course, preparation is just half the battle.  If you’re not serious about embarking on an onsite interview, don’t interview.  Wasting everyone’s time can send a negative message and also ruin[…]

First Friday Preview April 2016

Improving Employee Engagement: It Starts with Managers Staff engagement among the U.S. workforce has remained steady at 33 percent over the past few years, according to recent data from Gallup. This is quite low considering that strong employee engagement is the catalyst for company growth and success. Numbers worldwide are even starker, with 87 percent[…]

Employment Situation Report February 2016

Employment Summary for February 2016 U.S. employment gains beat expectations in February as the unemployment rate held steady. Payrolls rise The country added 242,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in February, far ahead of the January gains and beating economist forecasts. According to Reuters, analysts had predicted that the U.S. would add only 190,000 jobs in February.[…]

First Friday Preview February 2016

Tips for Attracting Candidates by Appealing to What They Value Most The recruitment landscape in the executive, managerial and professional sector remains a candidate-driven market in 2016, and moving forward, companies need to ask not what candidates can do for them, but what they can do for potential hires. To attract the best candidates, companies[…]

First Friday Preview January 2016

What Your Review Process Says About Your Company Culture The holidays have come to an end and companies are ramping up for the new year. While executives are getting ready to roll out new operational plans, strategies and budgets, many employees are preparing for their annual performance review. Although the review process is a necessary[…]

Employment Situation Report December 2015

Employment Summary for December 2015 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. added 292,000 jobs in December 2015, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5 percent. Gains seen in a variety of sectors The professional and business services industry added 73,000 positions in December. Within this industry, temporary accounting services expanded by[…]